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On behalf of the Haiti Projects team, I can say what a great pleasure to be with you and Ventress.   Your expertise in design, in shipping, and in business know how during your visit to Haiti has allowed Haiti Projects to take a giant leap forward.  As I write this note, we are bartering with folks in New York on the pillows and the wine bottle bags that you helped design.

Thank you!  I can’t tell you how much we are in awe of all you are doing.  Your support is above and beyond; careful, thoughtful and precise.    It is truly a pleasure to be part of your work.

It is great  to work with people who not only give, but give in a way that fosters a sustainable project.   Can’t wait to see the soccer girls in the new uniforms in the very near future.  Hoping to host the two of you again in Haiti next year, should your schedules permit.

We look forward to a strong, continuing partnership.


Cherie Miot Abbanat
Haiti Projects, Inc.
503 (c) 3 nonprofit