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Haiti Projects trip report January 2014 by Al Dugan to the World Real Deal board of directors

Ventress and I travelled to Haiti January 10 – 16, 2014 in order to view first hand the Haiti Projects, Inc. operation. We flew into Port au Prince, and then took the 4 hour drive to Fond des Blancs in the mountains. The last hour is off road straight up mountain roads and fording a river by four wheel drive.

article_image_one We toured the sewing coop, watching them makes our bags.  We are looking at the potential for adding side pockets to the bags that would allow the logos embroidery  to be completed by the Haiti sewing coop instead of purchasing the patches in the US.  Will have a sample soon. We also visited the clinic, and were given a complete overview on the operation.  We discovered not only are they the only clinic for Fond des Blancs with approximately 5,000 people, they also operate the only clinics mobile for the surrounding population of approximately 140,000. Health Clinic increasing its Reach haitiprojects January 24, 2014 Haiti Projects Blog In 2013 the Haiti Projects’ family health clinic had a record high number of patient visits with 4,510.  We have come a long way from 200 visits in 1996.  There were 3,140 visits at our central clinic in the center of Fond des Blancs, 204 visits at our satellite clinic in the community of Lhomond, and 1,166 patient visits during the 96 mobile clinics organized all over the region.  About 10% (436) of patients were new and 90% are regular clients.   The map shows all of the communities in the Fond des Blancs region. Haiti Projects’ clinic staff is working hard towards visiting all of them!  In 2013 we organized 96 clinics to 24 different locations, 8 (purple dots) of which are new.  In 2014 we have plans to open 5 more posts (yellow dots).  The mobile clinics are critical so Haiti Projects can serve the entire region regardless of patient’s ability to obtain transportation to our central clinic.  In 2013 26% of patient visits took place during mobile clinics. We also toured the library and cyber cafe.
article_image_twoThe library information is as follows:
Adult library
Books Available: 2,800
2013 Average Monthly Visits: 148 with over 300 in December
Children’s library
Books Available: 684 2013
Average Monthly Visits: 29
The cyber cafe consists of two relative new MAC’s, and a handful of old antiquated desk tops.  I am looking into to whether I can donate some of our old notebooks from my day time job for the cyber cafe.


I did note the town of Fond des Blancs is starting to have a litter problem.  I came up with a solution and request board approval to fund a trash abetment program for the town of $500.  The methodology is to mark off the Main Street and main cross street in 50 meter increments.  Then girls from the Haiti Projects soccer team will have small groups (total number in the soccer club is 60) and pay them a small amount to clean up their assigned section as well as keep it clean with small payments monthly given their segment remains clean in the month.  This accomplishes cleaning it up, keeping it clean, and instilling in this younger generation to not litter.  Another gentleman attending liked the idea so much he also agreed to donate $500 so the project his well funded.
We also had a presentation on the girls soccer club that is really  much more then soccer.  Below summary of this amazing program and have bought the girls soccer shirts and sports bras.  We will also give them a WRD logo patch and a Haiti Projects patch (the ones used on the wine bags to sew on the soccer jerseys.
The Association Sportives des Jeunes Filles de Fond des Blancs (ASJF-FDB) was created in January of 2013. The group is an offshoot of a girl’s soccer team dating back to August of 2011.  There are about 60female players ranging in age from 13-28 years old.  The majority attends six different primary and secondary schools in Fond des Blancs, a few work in town, and others take care of their children.  The ASJF- FDB employs four coaches, one team manager, two field managers, and receives assistance from volunteer referees, ball boys, and community health nurses.
Purpose:  The goal of this program is to create a rewarding activity that allows young girls in Fond desBlancs to receive health education, develop leadership skills, build self esteem and give back to the community- all while having fun playing soccer.
Haiti Soccer Girls Program
In addition in Port au Prince I set up shipping procedures for WRD, as well as Haiti Projects, moving forward.  Thus, neither WRD deal or Haiti Projects will have anymore delays due to this issue. Finally, they are working to build a new building for all activities in Fond des Blancs.  An architect  was down donating his services  for design of the building.  I am looking into the possibility of having First Solar, one of my major clients and the largest manufacturer of solar panels donate 7KW of panels for the new building. In closing, I was very impressed with the entire operation and the visit provided a first hand view to confirm the tremendous impact Haiti Projects has on the quality and care of life.  The CEO of Haiti Projects sent us an email after the visit, and as confirmed we use this for our testimonial website page and it now posted.
Al Dugan
Founder and President
World Real Deal


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